Durham Expunction

In partnership with the Durham Expunction and Restoration Project (DEAR), the Code with Durham team developed a tool that takes data from an individual’s criminal record and automatically populates the correct petition forms for expunction. This tool reduces a lengthy manual data-entry process down to a few clicks, reducing human error and allowing attorneys to serve more people. Access to record expunction is an important equity issue, and this tool allows Durham to scale these services much faster....

February 15, 2021 · 1 min · 80 words

Adopt a Drain

The Adopt a Drain Durham program enables Durham residents to “adopt” one of the city’s storm drains or catch basins and pledge to keep it free of leaves, dirt, litter, and other debris. The program helps reduce localized flooding and fosters community engagement by encouraging the public to take an active role in improving their neighborhood. Code with Durham and other volunteers used a web-based platform called GitHub to develop the open source web application on Ruby on Rails....

January 23, 2018 · 1 min · 118 words

School Navigator

Durham School Navigator was a web app to help people learn more about the Durham Public School System. Our goal is to provide an enhancements on the existing DPS web tools geared at helping families easily have access to the information that they need to make education decisions. GitHub: https://github.com/codefordurham/school-navigator

January 15, 2016 · 1 min · 50 words

NC Food Inspector

NCFoodInspector.com was a web application that let Durham County visitors know the cleanliness of nearby restaurants. It displays a map and listing of restaurants, their sanitation score, and details of any violations. This makes difficult to access health inspection information readily available for the first time. To ensure the app reached multiple populations, it was also available in Spanish. GitHub: https://github.com/codefordurham/adopt-a-drain

June 14, 2014 · 1 min · 61 words